Kiddy Story


Kiddy Story Space Adventure

It’s time for storytelling! Let your imagination run wild and start  your own fantastic Space Adventure. This adorable and playful app gives children the opportunity to express themselves through creating and telling their stories. With kid-friendly interface and the colourful graphics our app turns storytelling into child’s play. Perfect to play anytime and anywhere.


Kiddy Story is a great adventure that develops child’s language skills. Each story is a challenge that encourages kids to learn new words, form simple sentences, practice their storytelling abilities. The more fun they have, the more confident and satisfied they are.


There are endless possibilities for creating new stories and thus endless possibilities to have great fun. Choose a set of five elements and create a story that contains all five of them! You can easily record and play your stories. Perfect to play anytime and anywhere.


  • 48 items to build stories’ scenes. Space, science lab and the north pole are fantastic places to create a story. Children, animals, monsters, and spacemen are stories’ characters
  • Kids can create their own stories and practice storytelling
  • Kid-friendly recording and design
  • Easy way for kids to learn new vocabulary
  • The great app for kids and the whole family to play with storytelling
  • Great activity to help children discover they love learning
  • No advertising, no in-app purchases


  • Stimulate imagination and creativity
  • Improve children’s ability to speak, compose phrases and create stories
  • Help kids build literacy skills through storytelling
  • Enhance language abilities and social skills
  • Develop confidence with verbal communication
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Foster natural curiosity
  • Best for kids age 3 and up

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