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My Words British English

My Words app is an exciting educational game designed to help children recognize and read first words. Kids memorize new words and gradually learn to identify them by listening and repeating. These are great activities in building memory and enhancing reading skills. The great app for toddlers and preschoolers.

Heve fun and encourage new words!

How to play?

  1. The application includes 30 great lessons and 102 words in different categories.
  2. The play scenario assumes repetitions to identify and remember new words.
  3. Each day there is a new lesson with 3 repetitions of 15 words.
  4. Quizzes start after each completed lesson.
  5. Quizzes are the best way for kids to read and memorize words.

Learn and have fun with Kiddy Words!

“…perfect for young children just starting to master their vocabulary…” Great Apps and Tech Tools for Education –

“If you would like to teach your little one new words, be sure to check out My Words!…”

Kiddy Words apps are an exciting educational games that help children build a rich vocabulary and encourage language learning. They give lots of learning fun. Kiddy Words apps are marvelous for very young polyglots. Kids can learn words in English, Spanish, German, Polish, Italian, French and Chinese.







  • 30 great lessons and 102 words in different categories: Body Parts, Family, Animals, Food, Vehicles, Colours, Toys
  •  Based on early education method and visual words recognition
  • Simple to use learning tool combining seeing, hearing, speaking and memorising
  • Two learning modes: Play with words designed specially for repetition and Quiz designed specially for words recognising
  • The best way for kids to learn the correct pronunciation
  • Kids can play alone or with parent
  • No advertising, no in-app purchases


  • Help kids get ready to learn to read
  • Support children’s early language learning
  • Increase vocabulary and literacy skills
  • Improve memory and attention
  • Create successful reading experience
  • Encourage children to learn through fun practice
  • Give start to family playtime with telling stories, drawing pictures, and writing words
  • Best for kids aged 1 year and up

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